Map of Putuoshan

Famous Rocks

Stone of the Chinese Character Heart

The Stone of the Chinese Character Heart is a huge stone covered with the Chinese symbol of the heart on it, situated downhill from the West Heaven Scenic Spot. The stone reminds the people of the power of the heart and it reminds them to think with their heart. The stone itself is more than 100 m2. The heart-symbol is 5 meter high and 7 meter wide. More than 100 people can stand together on the stone. It is the biggest engraved character on Putuoshan.


Stone of Two Tortoise

The Stone of Two Tortoise is is more than just a rock at the west foot of the Meiling Peak. It's a sculpture of two tortoise made by nature. One is squatting on the top of the rock turning its head back to look down, the other is climbing up to the rock, and looking up. The legend has it that the two turtles used to be the premiers in the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea. They were sent to listen to Guanyin's preaching in secret. They listened so fascinated that they forgot to go back down to the sea and became stones forever.


West Heaven Scenic Spot

West Heaven Scenic Spot consists out of three stones making a portal. Only one bowed person can pass through at one time. It is believed that this was the entrance to the West Heaven in buddhism. On the upside of the gate stands its name. 


Pantuo Rock

Its name means literally a huge stone on a mountain.  It looks like a cone, standing on the top of another rock . The rock appears to be hanging in the air and seems ready to fall. However, it has stationed there for thousands of years and has never shaken. The three Chinese characters "Pan Tuo Shi" were autographed by Hou Jigao, the famous anti-Japanese-pirates general in the Ming Dynasty. 



Knife-cutting Rock

Another famous rock is the knife-cutting rock, on Foding Hill.


Buddhist Kingdom amidst the Sea

On the way down from Huiji Temple you pass this rock. There are many inscriptions on it and one of them is 'Buddhist Kingdom amidst the sea', the nickname of Putuoshan in Buddhism, hence the name of the rock. They are made by Hou Jigao, a famous general of the Ming Dynasty (see Pantuo Rock).


Duangu Holy Site

On this spot, the legend tells, a man arrived with his wife and his sister to worship Buddha. Because the sister was menstruating, and in that case it is not allowed to worship Buddha according to the Buddhism rules, the man's wife rebuked her and told her to stay in the boat until they got back. The sister got very hungry during her waiting there but kept her promise to stay in the boat. Eventually Guanyin appeared and gave her a meal. "Gu" is the name that a man's wife gives to his sister and "Duan" means rebuke, hence the name Duangu Holy Site.

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